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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  April 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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terribly battered and injured child. >> i noticed that the babe why had bruises on her face and she was not responsive. it didn't look good. >> reporter: police say girl's mother will face criminal homicide charges. she was denied bail. moore was a stay-at-home mom who may have snapped under the pressure. >> there's no way the child's suppose to be in the safest place with her own mother and this happens, it's not right. >> it's sad. it's a child, an angel, she's just starting life. >> reporter: the family is originally from western p.a. there was another daughter in the house, a 4-year-old at the time. that girl has been taken into protective custody. live in falls township, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. to decision 2016 now. any minute, republican presidential candidate ted cruz is expected to announce carly fiorina as his running mate.
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here's a live picture here from indianapolis, where cruz will formally unveil his v.p. pick. trying to generate momentum after trump's five state sweep yesterday. >> the two presidential front-runners waging a war over women that could have wide-reaching implications come november. >> the only thing she's got going is the woman's card, and the beautiful thing is, women don't like her. >> if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in! >> as you heard, clinton fired back at trump for saying she's playing the woman card to gain support. >> is it a hot button issue that lauren mayk spoke with voters about today. what do they have to say? >> i can tell you one woman told me, it done matter who donald trump says. she doesn't like him anyway. another young woman says, well, simply, women can do anything
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that guys can do. but i talked to one donald trump supporter today who had some suggestions for the general election. >> reporter: he considers himself the presumptive nominee, donald trump took this swipe at his potential opponent. >> if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of vote. >> reporter: a comment hillary clinton's using to raise money and it comes as trump could be hunting for women votes in a general election. >> what was your reaction when you heard that? >> my reaction is that he would like to appeal to women voters in a broader electorate it would be helpful if he stopped saying thing like that. it's condescending. comes across as condescending and donald trump needs to deal with that if he's going to appeal to a broader electorate. >> reporter: in north philadelphia, trump has the vote of daphne, she's okay with his comments on clinton. when you heard him say that,
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what did you think? >> i think that's true. >> reporter: but she would like to see her candidate make a few changes. what can he do to reach out to women in a general election? >> hold down the rhetoric. >> reporter: she done want trump to change his style but focus more on his family and business instead of attacks. do you think that it takes away from his effect inness? >> absolutely. absolutely. and that's my problem with him because a lot of those things we shouldn't be spending time talking about. however, he's managed to knock off 17 people talking like that. i don't know, you know, what that says, but it says to me he's effective. >> reporter: pointing out that trump had done well with republican women and he's right, he got 54% of the women in last night's vote. but a recent nbc/"wall street journal"/marist poll taken in pennsylvania showed him losing women by 30 points going up
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against hillary clinton. lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. yesterday's primary put both party's front-runners closer to clinching their party's nominations. wit wins in pennsylvania, delaware, maryland, connecticut, clinton is 232 delegates shy when including superdelegates. she has 90% of what she needs to win. the latest numbers on the gop side. trump has 954. cruz, 562. kasich, 153. 237 are need -- 1,237 are needed to win. for the latest, tap the nbc 10 app. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> did you feel it out there today? cooler day across our area. nbc here in hatten feel, camden, people needed a light jacket for their stroll along king's highway. it dropped since the storms rolled through yesterday. >> people didn't pay attention
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to weather yesterday because they out without coats and freezing. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking cooldown and more rain. glenn? >> yeah, better get used to these kind of temperatures because we're going to see a lot more days like this. we warned you about dramatic changes. here we are, 54 degrees in philadelphia. with cloudy skies, the clouds all day, even cooler in the pennsylvania suburbs, 52. much of new jersey at 53. one place that's seeing a little bit of sunshine, lehigh valley. delaware, clouds, cool, light rain. little bit of sunshine puts the temperature up. look at that. 60 degrees in bethlehem, 58 white hall. lehigh valley, sunshine. farther to the west, not quite so warm 48 degrees if fleetwood. 51 kutztown. 51 hopewell. some of the coolest areas. the temperatures, more than
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30-degree drop from yesterday to today. and more cold to come along with rain. timing coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. new at 4:00, thousands of pieces of mail sitting unopened in bins instead of mailboxes. it's a problem in philadelphia that means people are getting late bills, citations and notices, and taxpayers are paying for this oversight. live at city hall with the latest on this new discovery. andrea in. >> reporter: this report says the city's mail distribution center was operate, quote, in a state of dysfunction, for some people to have to pay fines, or worst, some issued bench warrants because of mail that they received late or not at all. a tip led philadelphia controller to investigate the city's mail distribution center. a surprise visit by investigators found half of the staff did not come to work on time, those who were there were
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sitting at tables, not doing their jobs. further investigation found 10,000 pieces of unprocessed mail, sometimes sensitive, just sitting in bins. >> people were receiving notice of court dates after the court date had passed so they were subject to possible bench warrants and fines. >> reporter: when the issue was first made public in february, 16le people called and e-mailed the controller's office. >> they were receiving mail that said if they didn't pay fines by a certain date they would receive interest in penalties. >> reporter: productivity in the mail center declined over time pay was going up, in fact, overtime allowed some employees to double their salary. >> our goal is also when fully staffed to virtually eliminate overtime in the mail room. >> reporter: revenue commissioner has only been on the job since january, and is overseeing improvements. >> we have established a database so that we can track all mail that is in the mail
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room and where it is in process at any given time. >> reporter: more trauning to better security are part of the improvement plan. at this point, no one has been held accountable. there is an ongoing investigation with the inspector general's office. but the city controller says that the worst offenders should probably lose their jobs. andrea klein thomas, nbc 10 news. three students suspended after involved in a fight inside a wilmington thool leaves a classmate dead. the girls had been removed from howard high school of technology since last week's fight. 16-year-old amy joyner francis was killed. wilmington's police chief says criminal charges will be filed in the case. the victim's brother sent a statement, warned well-wishers warning giving to fund-raising pages saying his family is not behind anything like that.
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we are very hurt from the loss. we appreciate the outpouring of love from everyone and thank you for warm words towards my sister. same time, same place, but two separate crimes. police aring looking for four people, two involved in hit-and-run crash, two others who carjacked. happened around 2:00 in the fairmount section. the driver slammed intoen aunmarked police car and drove off, and then a witness jumped out of his suv after the crash and two people carjacked him. the car jackers got into another wreck and ran into the playhouse nightclub and got away. everyone involved is expected to be okay. >> on fire, 15 and first. >> a viewer sent us cell phone video of a used car lot on fire last night. they believe someone set the cars on fire.
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a police source says gas was poured on several cars and keys were left in the ignitions. four cars were gutted, several others damaged. take a good look at this guy, philadelphia say he broke into an office south broad street this month. surveillance video of the m waughing the halls of the hospital and went into restricted areas and forced his way into an office but left without taking anything. new information in the brushfire burning in the pocono mountains now. the fire's more than 90% contained. so it should be out in a few days. at least 165 firefighters are working to contain it after it burned 8,000 acres. the fire damaged 11 structures over the weekend. officials think it was intentionally set. a driver cashes his pickup sto truck into a liquor store. police say no one was hurt.
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philadelphia police are mourning the also of one of their own this afternoon. former police commissioner william williams died last night at his home in atlanta after a long illness. he was appointed commissioner in philadelphia in 1988, served in that capacity until 1992. he later served as top cop in los angeles, as well. williams was the first african-american police commissioner in both cities. wilson good, who appointed williams to commissioner back in 1988, spoke a short time ago. >> i just remember him being a strong voice in the community that people loved. >> one of williams' sons is a philly police lieutenant. willie williams was 72 years old. to the crisis in atlantic city. two weeks, ac will be out of money again, as the city struggles to fight off
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bankruptcy. it's a battle chris christie is talking about today. nbc 10 south jersey reporter cydney long in cherry hill with the governor. >> reporter: christie says what's happening now in trainen is a big game of political chicken with the speaker not mushing his bill before the general assembly and it's coming at a critical time with the clock ticking nor atlantic city at onset of summer. it's no secret chris christie loves bruce springsteen, but new jersey's top political boss referred to a tom waite song to describe the crisis. >> a line that says down the shore everything's all right. but down the shore everything's not all right, not right now. turn to atlantic city. >> reporter: christie telling a crowd of 200 business owners he simply doesn't have the power to swiftly fix their financial crisis. >> i'll let the mayor keep the job and he can drive atlantic
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city into the ocean. may 10th or thereabouts, they will have no money. >> reporter: speaking of dough -- >> it's hard to hire people whom are affordable in what we do. >> reporter: this bakery owner was listening. he's dead set against new jersey $15 minimum wage increase and is feeling trickle down of small businesses that have closed their doors at the shore. >> people are unemployed, they cannot purchase, they cannot shop. also a lot of the businesses have dried up. people whom we use for resources, bakeries that we purchase product from. >> reporter: but it's not all doom and gloom. christie talked about new jersey foreclosures on the fall and home sales up, as well as positive outlook on the job front. >> the state's unemployment rate has fallen 1.8% over past year, since march '15. that's the largest drop of unemployment in any state in the nation over the last year. >> reporter: governor christie
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also talked about new jersey businesses saying they'll be able to benefit from tax breaks beginning july 1st. he added capital investments, suba subaru, 76ers will only make new jersey's employment rate continue to climb instead of being on the decline. cydney long, nbc 10 news. we are now 100 days away from the olympics in rio de janeiro. the torch was handed to game organizers and started its journey to brazil. the rio flame lit in ancient india. celebrating the milestone ahead of the games airing exclusively on nbc. >> an olympic preview of sorts. nbc 10's rosemary connors is live where the penn relays will feature many athletes we'll be watching in rio.
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>> reporter: absolutely right. the name of the game for the pen relays to get a front row seat like this one, that way you're feet away from the action. right now not a lot happening. dwi et. it will ramp up tomorrow. at the moment, pen's track and field team is having a light practice. tomorrow, 9:00, things pick up. today, it was a gray kind of day but no rain. it hasn't been picture perfect weather for the men's decathlon or for the women's heptathlon. it's a thrill for the parents and athletes to be at franklin field for a philadelphia tradition that draws competitors from near and far. >> my daughter's been competing for the last 11 years. >> back home from israel, i remember hearing about the competition of the penn relaces and it's college and professionalers and high schoolers and i saw the track and it's so beautiful. >> it's spectator friendly for us to follow her.
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>> reporter: rob and his wife are following their daughter, a freshman at penn state. they're looking forward to keeping track of the olympic hopefuls who will be here as we are now just 100 days to summer games if rio. >> just being in this venue, this setting, to see this and the crowd and everything, i'm sure is going to get them ready for the competition at rio. >> people get a preview of who they're going to see in august or even at olympic trials. >> it's like an olympic atmosphere being here at pen relays. >> reporter: the great usain bolt, the world's fastest man, wowed the crowd in 2010, when he and team jamaica won the 4 x 100 relay. the coach remembers it well. >> just watching him warm up and see his warm-up routine, how he prepares for a race, it's amazing. >> reporter: he can't wait for his team to watch the pros in action again this year. >> good for student athletes,
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they can see the next level of athletes and what it takes to be successful at that level. >> reporter: country's oldest and largest track and field competition will be in full swing tomorrow. things kick off 9:00. it will be the long effort day with the last event scheduled for after 11:00 in the evening. live from franklin field, rosemary connors. nbc 10 news. >> can you save us a seat because you're there early? >> reporter: you know what. >> as you know, jim, i'm a penn alumni. i might be able to pull strings, get you and jacqueline seat cushions and get you in on the front row action. >> and you're a runner, too, but not in the relays. thanks so much. >> reporter: thanks. >> i'm sure she can get us the hookup. celebrate the 100 days to rio milestone tonight. watch the special report "rio 100" a sneak spepeek coming up the next ten minutes.
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>> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> the weather's going to be chilly for the rest of the penn relays but the runners like the cooler weather. you like the cool weather, you'll love this forecast. 52 mt. holly. 53 in philadelphia. warm spot, 57 in lehigh valley with a little bit of sunshine. 52 in coatesville. boy, has it changed in the last 24 hours. 31 degrees colder in philadelphia than it was at this time yesterday. and 34 degrees colder in atlantic city. i haven't seen numbers like that in a long, long time. so, the sudden chill is here and it's going to stay this way. 86 yesterday. not even to 60 degrees over the next several days. and as you'll see later in the ten-day forecast, not many days of 60 plus. as a matter of fact, you can check the searchen day forecast below me now.
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continue to scroll through the screen. multiple seven days for your area, not just philadelphia anymore. you don't have to wait until the end of the weather for. clouds around but not a lot of rain. sprinkles moving through. south jersey and in delaware. the dry air has made it through allentown. it coming down from new england. but it's just not having enough of a push to bring clearing into our area, at least not much of the area. there's the futurecast as we go into tonight and tomorrow morning. basically dry. but here comes the first of many weather disturbances. bringing rain tomorrow. then things quiet down a bit tomorrow night. here comes the next on friday. and that is an area of rain that covers the region. not talking about yellows and reds, heavy stuff here. but it's still hour after hour after hour. that is going to continue.
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well, tomorrow, look at these numbers. 57 in redding with rain. 56 bethlehem. easton, phoenixville, 57. west chester 56. it's not going it rain all day tomorrow but it's going to be cool all day. mt. airy 58. warmer weather here? no, not going to south jersey, 56. come on, let's find -- no, not in atlantic city or avalon. delaware? no. 56 degrees in wilmington. so it is not going to be warm in any part of the area tomorrow. what about, as we go through the weekend? well i don't see any warm weather there either. the best day looks to be saturday with at least mostly cloudy skies and very small chances of rain. sunday for the blue cross broad street run looks like it's going to start off dry and rain comes in by midday perhaps, maybe a
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little bit earlier. that will help keep temperatures down. monday we have showers as well. ten-day forecast coming up later. >> already. nbc 10 working for you. >> launching a new initiative to solve consumer complaints, nbc 10 responds. harry hairston spearheading the new unit. how it works and how harry will help take action on your consumer problems. ready? >> yes. >> this boy's ride on a roller coaster will take a terrifying turn. what happens when a key piece of safety equipment breaks in the middle of the ride. first a look at closing bell on wall street. dow jones and sapp f&p finished. nasdaq was down.
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being a woman professional in a business world that extracts a price, i say that as a son of a pioneering computer programm programmer, my mother who started in the computer industry in the 1950. >> happening now, ted cruz announcing his running mate. live look from indianapolis where he just formally unveiled carly fiorina as his choice for vice president. he announced this in the past two minutes. fiorina endorsed cruz earlier this year, after dropping out of the race for the white house. more details to come. a roller coaster ride takes a scary turn for a young boy and his father. >> texas man saved his son from falling off that ride. it was all caught on video. take a look. >> here we go.
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>> i got ya. >> he was able to grab on to his son and hold him the rest of the ride. the father felt that seat belt come apart and not looking for any money or a lawsuit. he wants wonder land to find a solution to the program so it won't happen again to other families in amarillo, texas. >> another reason i don't love roller coasters. local bridge will be shutting down completely this weekend. >> traffic alert straight ahead. amazon's expanding in our area. where the company's bringing hundreds of new jobs. ♪
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it was a construction accident, with a piece of heavy equipment ♪ and it shot me up into the roof, and it just kept breaking me in half. broke my back, severed my spinal column oh and five ribs broken, so... ♪ my dining room was changed into a bedroom ♪ and the insurance company was giving me a hard time. ♪ pond lehocky helped put my life back together. ♪
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new consumer initiative at nbc 10 news. >> nbc 10 news responds, extension of our nbc 10 investigators and comes with a big promise. to explain more, our nbc 10 responds reporter, harry hairston. >> we are excited about this new initiative because, folks, it's all about helping you, our viewers. our goal to respond to everyone who reaches out with a consumer complaint. >> reporter: you are looking at brand-new nbc 10 response consumer investigative center. 20 producers dedicated to answering your consumer questions and complaints. if you call, you might talk to producer alex. >> this is important because we get a lot of viewer whose have problems with businesses or with other individuals or sometimes government. >> reporter: we cannot guarantee we will be able to solve everyproblem, you can be assured every complaint will get a response from us. for a better collapse of getting
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the result you want, you need to be prepared before you reach out. what kind of documents should people have when they call? >> any contracts, receipts, any bills that they've received. >> reporter: always know you want the result to be. >> we always ask, what is the end game? what is the solution that you want? what do you want nbc responds to help you with specifically? >> reporter: we want to help all viewers who reach out to us. yes, new nshtive coming our way. we want to hear from you right now this e-mail address and send us a message if you have a consumer issue. nbc make sure you include as much information as you can about your issue. we will respond. >> all right. former u.s. house speaker dennis hastert will head to prison for a hush money scandal.
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a judge sentenced him to more than a year in prison. he pleaded guilty last. >> reporter:er to breaking banking laws after he tried to pay $3.5 million in hush money. hastert's accused of sexually abusing teens while hes and a high school wrestling coach. three senior tsa officials on capitol hill calling the agency so broken that passenger safety is being compromised and say tsa management is to blame, accusing them of fostering a couple door of intimidation and retaliation. the three senior officials all said managers harassed tsa employees who raised concerns about management. officials voiced support for current tsa administrator but say he needs better leaders around him. drivers, tonight at 9:00, burlington bristol bridge will close for eight hours. that goes across the delaware river to bristol township. crews will be taking care of maintenance work.
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the bridge will reopen at 5:00 tomorrow morning but close for the entire weekend. >>. amazon is expeanding in new jersey. one center will be in florence, burlington, the other in middlesex county two centers will bring 2,000 full-time jobs to the garden state. amazon already employs 5,000 people in new jersey. kids are getting a new playground but they need help to make sure that happens. today the fish town school kicked off its fund-raising drive to pay for $1.4 million project. with that price tag, it's not going to be any ordinary playground. >> this is a game changer for our community. our vision is to have this schoolyard, concrete lifted up. we're trying to have playground equipment installed for all students including special ed population. students with disabilities in wheel chairs. >> also an outdoor classroom.
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the playground will be a place for the entire community. comcast celebratingite year-round commitment to service with comcast cares day. >> to get that celebration started, today more than 100 employees got to work in south philadelphia. they marched a mile from the wells fargo center to the food bank and helped transport hundreds of pounds of food donations. working to make nutritious food available to everyone in the valley. if you like to help, register using nbc 10 app or logging on to comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. you know what that means, nbc 10 counting down the days until the olympics. count down clock showing 100 days until the summer games in rio. reare giving you a taste of rio
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de janeiro. >> the taste in more ways than one. i went to brazil recently for a look at how rio is preparing and what will make these games so uniq unique. this is rio's most iconic aimag, image of jesus christ, arms outstretched. 5,000 people visit statue. >> with the clouds blowing in and out and fog covering the face uncovering it and sun shining through. >> i'll taking you there tonight. don't you want to go to brazil? >> yes. >> don't miss nbc 10's "rio 100" tonight 7:00 on nbc. nbc 10 your exclusive home for all olympic game action this august. >> can't wait to see that. >> it's a lot. it's interesting when you get there, too, so many people were talking about zika, polluted water. it's interesting there what
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locals are saying about it. all that and more and food and beaches. >> can't wait. 7:00. >> speaking of food, mcdonald's giving a popular menu item an makeover. >> the change that will make your child's happy meal healthier. putting a price tag on mom. how much americans are expected to show their love for mother's day this year.
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safety advocates calling for stronger advocates of tipping ikea furniture. last july, following two deaths, ikea issued a warning to anchor furniture and announced a free repair program. in reaction to a third death, groups are calling on the consu consumer safety commission. chicken mcnuggets could be
4:40 pm
getting healthier. the chain is testing a healthier recipe with no artificial preservatives. mcdonald's says parents can feel good about the new nugget. no word when this will go national. mother's day right around the corner and that means showering mom with gifts, according to the national retail federation, americans spend an average of $172 on mom this year. most people surveyed say they will pick up a greeting card for their mom. some other popular gifts, taking mom out for brunch, flowers and gift cards. mother's day, sunday may 8th. >> or all of the above. >> all of the above always good. or surprising mom, like i did last year. this year i told her. i said i'll be home. >> walked in the door, she was happy. it was good. the city of philadelphia's a regular in the national spotlight these days. >> from the pope's visit to the dnc, we've landed big events. now rumors of a new one. a major sporting event that could be coming to the city of brotherly love.
4:41 pm
yesterday's rain just the beginning of a wet weather pattern. tracking more showers, coming in tomorrow. more cool weather as well. that's next in my first alert forecast. this is nbc 10 new.
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>> philadelphia eagles fans are waiting to see who the team takes with their number two pick in tomorrow night's nfl draft. >> big night but today, we're learning fans might not have to go too far to see next year's draft. john clark live in chicago for this year's draft to tell us more. what's going on? >> reporter: well, first of all, i wish the draft was in philly this year because it's in the 30s here, it's starting to rain. but, yes, reports are out there that philly is the leading candidate to have the nfl draft
4:45 pm
next year. take a look at festivities here. roger goodell is here for nfl play 60 experience event with the draft picks. yes, it would be interesting if the draft was in philly next year, especially because the eagles now don't have a first round draft pick. kind of doesn't make sense, but i asked commissioner roger goodell if philly is one of the leading candidates. >> i know that one of the city's bid, i know they're interested in it and we're interested in philadelphia but among other cities. we've got a lot of interest. we want to sit down after we're done and see what the best decision isser for the nfl. >> reporter: so you have to wonder now that the eagles did trade away their first round draft pick for next year, if that will take philadelphia out of the running, out of being the leading candidate. but it certainly would be interesting. we all know that philly sent some fans up to new york to boo donovan mcnabb last time eagles
4:46 pm
had a second pick. as said at flyers game, stay classy, philly. i'm john clark, hear from carson wentz who could be the eagles pick. >> get some popcorn in chicago and deep dish pizza. that will warm you right up. >> reporter: i need it. it's cold. >> someone should have warned john, it does get cold this tile of year in chicago. let's get ready for tomorrow night's draft. nbc 10 your home for it. watch one-hour special 7:00, eagles prepare to shape the future of the franchise. watch for that at 7:00 p.m. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> i tell you what, john's going to still be cole when he comes back to town because the chilly pattern will continue for a while. 54, cloudy in philadelphia.
4:47 pm
that's as warm as it's gotten all day. 53 new jersey. at least 57 partly sunny skies lehigh valley. rain in parts of delaware. see if it's going to get better tomorrow. not really. cloudy skies all through the day. temperatures in the mid-50s. maybe even a little bit of rain. so, not the best forecast for delaware or anywhere else for the next couple of days. you get your seven-day forecast right there, bottom of the screen. it continues to scroll by. that goes all during the weather cast. multiple areas, not just philadelphia. you don't have to wait until the end of the weather cast. with the neighborhood weather, look how much detail we could get. find places that are barely 50 degrees. 50 degrees, cochranville, 51, unionville, 52. chester heights, 53.
4:48 pm
average high is 68. 53 and 55 in new hope. edon't have any places near 60 in the northern and western suburbs. just hasn't been enough sunshine. sunshine, drying trying to come down from the north but not making a lot of progress. this next system's already headed this way. it's got rain with it. and that rain is going to be coming. we certainly were much colder during the day today. how much colder? it was 86 degrees yesterday. so far, only 54. that's 30-degree drop. tomorrow up to 58. friday it may be colder. back to about 53 degrees. part of the reason for that cool weather is the wet weather coming in. we have a rainy pattern. we may clear out a little bit. overnight tonight. but that system from the west is going to be coming in tomorrow especially during afternoon.
4:49 pm
watch it as we go through the day. here it comes. west to east, across the area. solid area of rain. hour after hour of rain. and then breaks up a little bit. and then as we go into friday, bigger system comes in, it's going to rain more hours on friday. it's going to rain heavier on friday than it will. on thursday. and we may dry out a little bit on saturday. so, what a change. there's the for cast for tomorrow and everybody's got rain from west chester to mt. airy to easton and beyond. it's going to be not all day rain tomorrow. here's ten day. you can see the rain friday. mostly cloudy saturday. here's rain for the blue cross broad street run on sunday. although beginning of the race looks like dry, cloudy, cool, and the rain comes in by late in the morning or midday. monday we have rain.
4:50 pm
tuesday, wednesday. we have threats of showers all through that ten day period. until we get toward the end, we just have partly sunny skies along with the showers. >> a lot of rain, isn't there? >> a lot of it. >> let's talk about runners and blue cross broad street run. not all runners catch the race bug at an early age. >> some decide to lace up for the first time later in the life. the story of a woman who did that and now makes the run an annual tradition.
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the blue cross broad street run proves it's never too early
4:54 pm
or too late to run. runners from 8 to 86 years old. >> good for that 86-year-old, as nbc 10's pamela osborne shows us one local woman's jumpfully started later in life. >> reporter: pamela fister wasn't always a runner. at 55, she started with a slow stride but quickly gained momentum. >> helps me get through the rest of the day. it clears my mind. >> reporter: she set her sightsen 0 the blue cross broad street run. >> it's a wonderful feeling to be with 30,000 plus people and to do this altogether and run the streets of philadelphia. >> reporter: now, at 60, she's getting ready for her sixth race. she and her friends trained together a few times a week and where else is better than here? >> when you run philly, you see parts of the city you never knew existed and meet all kind of people running in the city. >> reporter: it's not just the city. >> go into work or go in and say iran new jersey and back this
4:55 pm
morning. >> reporter: pam runs back and forth across the ben frankly, in good company. >> started with blue cross 15 years ago and they have a running club, which is blue streaks. >> reporter: that club is how pam and marguerite became fast friends. >> it builds friendships and teams and teamwork because i always run with somebody. >> reporter: it's friendship that keeps them going. >> let's go. >> reporter: for anyone taking on the ten-milder for the first time, marguerite has advice. >> if you have to walk, that's okay. but have a fun time. >> reporter: it's hard paced, hard practice and all starts with one step. for pam, this is where she really hits her stride, somewhere over the ben franklin, in between city and state. with her mind set firmly on the finish line ahead. >> it's an accomplishment. it's another run under your belt. >> reporter: pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. pamela is one of thousands
4:56 pm
of people who will race this weekend. you'll get to see how they do when nbc 10 airs the blue cross broad street run live on sunday. coverage begins at 8:00 a.m. if you're running, don't forget dvr it, go back and look for yourself. >> we'll be out there, too. >> we will. finish line. >> join us friday, ready, set, run. experts will show us what runners need to do in the days of about the race. we'll show you the best places to watch and what's new at this year's health and wellness expo. >> "nbc 10 news at 5:00" is next. >> keith jones. >> dennis is here. coming up, all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00, a right turn here. a mother takes action days after a student died in school in wilmington. she wants to prevent another tragedy. how her own loss sparked the new mission. it is cooler outside today. and it's going to stay that way. and we have more rain coming with it, too.
4:57 pm
i'll show you that forecast and tiling of the rain next.
4:58 pm
♪ i was on my way to work, the next thing you know, i was on the ground. ♪ the trash truck ran over both my legs. ♪ i had sixteen surgeries. ♪ i don't sleep through the night unless i have my medicine. ♪ my medical bills was piling up. my employer stopped paying me. pond lehocky has put me back together. ♪
4:59 pm
right now at 5:00, a mother's push for change. just days ago, she saw a teenage girl die after a fight at school. now, she wanted to help parents get justice. >> i don't think there should ever be a reason you have to
5:00 pm
physically put your hands on another person. for it to be okay. >> her son was killed in a deadly fight, but no one was ever charged. now, her mission's to prevent this from happening to other grieving families. >> nbc 10's tim furlong spoke to the family. he joins us live with her story. tim? >> reporter: wilmington's police chief expects charges to be filed here some time by the end of the week. you see the memorial for amy here. police and prosecutors have to go through the medical examiner's report and all evidence and interviews before filing charges. one mother wants to make sure whatever happened in the bathroom that amy gets justice that she desebs. today, still no charges in death of amy joyner francis. girls involved are suspended but police are not saying what led up to the fight. thursday, amy died a short time later. >> there's no place. makes no sense. >> reporter: lisa sawyer has a uniq unique interest in amy's story. her son died one year ago


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